Cat Laser
Cat Laser
Invigorating Cat Laser Toy
Invigorating Cat Laser Toy
Invigorating Cat Laser Toy

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Invigorating Cat Laser Toy

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As part of being an owner of a cat, you definitely know the dreadful feeling of coming home to a corner of your sofa heavily scratched up from a bored cat or kitten.

You also must know the feeling of throwing away a damaged couch pillow, or having to look at the constantly scratched up corner of the wall which your cat favors day after day.

This Invigorating Cat Laser Toy is like a carnival game, its random movements of the mouse will entertain your fur pet baby for hours. It is very ideal for the busy owners. It has a unique design which is perfect for the fun for one or more than one cats.

It is the perfect hang out for all of your funny pals and it allows them to play and pounce at any angle. The cat turns the toy which then reduces the cat’s anxiety and worry. Just watch your kitten as she plays with it for hours.

When you give this cat toy to your kitten it will provide your cat all the feline fun without the clutter.

This provides healthy exercise for your cat. The indoor cats can often be very lazy, some more than the others. One day you might be finding yourself with an obese and fatty cat.

This laser toy keeps your cat on the move every single day and it will promote a healthier lifestyle for your cats in a fun way you both can enjoy.

With this cat toy you will have the ability to set it up to come on throughout the day automatically. This automated laser system is designed to cycle on for 15 minutes every three hour, it means that your cat will continue to be entertained even when you’re out of the house. 

Some of the main benefits of the product

  • It is hundred percent Brand new and high quality.
  • This is a 2 in 1 red laser pointer with a super bright led white light. With its keyring, it is very portable and easy to carry. It is great for presentations, camping trips, roadside emergencies and much much more.
  • The emission of red laser is up to 1 mile, it is perfect choice for the presentations also.
  • The laser dot can be seen even in strong light area.
  • This powerful bright led light will be useful when you find the Keyhole on the door or blackout or for camping, it can be a used as a small torch.
  • It is a funny cat toy. Cats love the red laser dot. This is a kind of tool which can make your lovely cats all excited. It is an amazing for the cats because you can play with your cats with variations. It can even help you and your cats to exercise.

Product Specs:

  • Name is Laser funny cat stick. Material is Aviation aluminum alloy.
  • The length is about 7 cm. the diameter is 1 cm (head). Please allow 0.1-0.3cm differences due to the manual measurement.
  • The red wavelength is 650NM. Its power is 5mv. Battery style is AG13 button battery.
  • The package also includes 2 in 1 Laser Pointer x1 (Random Color); with 3 AG3 Batteries.
Invigorating Cat Laser Toy
Invigorating Cat Laser Toy
Invigorating Cat Laser Toy