Magnetic Tablet Drawing Board
Magnetic Tablet Drawing Board
Magnetic Tablet Drawing Board

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Magnetic Tablet Drawing Board

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  • This is a doodle board material. The magnetic doodle board is made of high quality eco friendly ABS Plastic, 100 percent safe for babies toddlers kids. The package includes 1 magnetic drawing board, 1 magnetic stylus, 10 idea cards.
  • It is very portable. The dimension of the magnetic drawing tablet is 8.6 inch Length, 6.9 inch width, 0.59 height, it is lightweight and suitable to carry with you whether for traveling or for outdoor picnics.
  • It is very easy to use. Your kids could choose to write with stylus and erase with their little fingers or pens. It would be a great joy when it is pushed down the magnetic balls.
  • It is very good for creativity and imagination. The magnetic drawing board have 10 ideal cards which your kids could draw different shape contours through all this magnetic STEM toys, which can help to promote their creativity and imagination.
  • It is a perfect birthday or Christmas gift for your kids, it is for both; boys and girls with an age of 3 to 12 years old.
  • This board will help your child to learn. Kids can learn and master the letters and numbers with this Magnetic Drawing Board. They just have to trace along the lines with the magnetic stylus and learn to write in a fun and entertaining way.
  • This Magnetic Drawing Board is very simple to use ad it is very helpful for your child to learn read and write in a stimulating and fun way. This board will make your child to learn and study more efficiently because it is so much fun to use this board.
  • This board helps trains your child’s hand to be steady, it promotes muscle memory, and it develops hand eye coordination as well which is very useful for a learning kid.
  • It is proven to improve the writing ability of your kid just after the first week of regular use of this board.
  • It is entertaining and fun for your family, it keeps your kid away from phone or tablet. It is also great for car trips.
  • When your kid is all done with using this board, just push the beads down with the pen or finger to erase all which is written and to start all over again.
  • The beads are completely self contained and it never falls out from the board. This board also has a built-in storage for stylus.
  • This board is very sage and non-toxic toy.

I got to say that this is a great choice for those parents who are looking forward to educate their child in a fun way.

This board never makes the kid get tired or bored because of its fun features. It will make your kid to master the alphabets as well as the numbers which will make them improve their writing as well.

This toy is a great choice for your kid and it is much better than a phone or a tablet which kids nowadays are very fond of using.

Magnetic Tablet Drawing Board